Marquee Accessories

For that extra added something at your event, why not invest in some high-quality, professional marquee accessories from Coopers Marquees. Our team has years of experience in the supply and installation of marquee accessories for all types of marquees, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on quality or style when organising an event. We provide everything from dancefloors and lights to heaters, awnings, decking and fencing to ensure that your event runs smoothly and is enjoyable and safe for all attendees.

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Marquee Awnings

Our Marquee Awnings are stylish and ideal for creating a covered outside area. These days it’s essential to have a comfortable outside area for any event. Our awnings are available in white or clear and are made of polyester coated PVC with a patented tensioning system which prevents any noisy flapping. These accessories are perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences, trade shows, sports events, and more.

Marquee Cloak Rooms

Our cloakrooms are perfect for all domestic, corporate and commercial events and provide space and comfort for your guests. As well as offering cloak rooms for all of our marquees, we provide site toilets to ensure a more comfortable and sanitary experience. Our Cloakrooms are a haven of comfort and style. Nothing will be more appreciated by your guests that the provision of ‘real’ toilet facilities and a place to store belongings.

Marquee Dance Floors

Our stylish and solid dancefloors are perfect for dancing the night away at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, hospitality events, and more. Here at Coopers Marquees, our Dance Floors are renowned as the best in the business. We’ve taken care to source the very best marquee dance floors. All of our dance floors are modular, and therefore will come in any size. Robust but stylish and capable of handling the most exuberant of evenings. They come in white, checked and our famous under-lit Twinkly ‘Disco’ Floor. Parquet and wooden dance floors are also available for the more traditional look.

Marquee Decking

Marquee Decking is an aesthetically beautiful solution to providing comfortable outdoor space at your marquee event. Coopers Marquees provides professional Marquee Decking for all events to create a beautiful outdoor space for guests. Our decking will protect your site and make a comfortable outside area for your guests free from mud and grit. We supply premium decking and decking covers that create luxurious outdoor hospitality spaces that your guests will really enjoy.

Marquee Fencing

If you want to add a stylish, finishing touch to your marquee, why not hire our Marquee Fencing to surround your structure? Our Fencing adds form to outside areas and allows you to protect your guests from wandering onto unsuitable surfaces for party shoes. Our fencing comes in traditional ‘Picket’ style or less formal Chestnut and is the ideal finishing touch to your outside hospitality area.

Marquee Furniture

When organising an event, ensuring that your guests have enough space to sit and relax is vital. Coopers Marquees offers furniture suitable for all occasions including weddings, corporate events, hospitality events, trade shows, and more. Furniture for your event is one of the more important choices you’ll make, let our 25 years of experience guide you in making the right choice. We can supply furniture in a multitude of styles and configurations for even the largest events. They can be dressed to fit any design motif and are easy to re-arrange during the event if required.

Marquee Generators

Our marquee generators are totally silent and come in a range of powers from 20 KVA to 500 KVA, perfect for powering events of all types. Our Generators come with full wiring which we’ll install and a full tank of diesel. Lights, heating, the band and catering equipment will all need to run smoothly during your event, our silent generators will get the job done and not make a racket doing it.

Marquee Heating

We offer a range of heating options for all marquees and temporary structures to ensure that your event is temperate and comfortable throughout the entire event. Here at Coopers Marquees we offer two types of heating; Electric Heating and Ducted Heating. Our Electric Heating can heat approximately 120 square metres and requires 20 KVA of power. So for example if you require three heaters you’ll need an 80 KVA generator too. Our Ducted Heating are diesel powered indirect heaters placed outside the marquee which blow heated air into the marquee via a duct system at floor level.

Marquee Lighting

Lighting will create the atmosphere of your event and we are masters at getting it just right. Whether you want to create a spectacular gala event with pin spot lit tables, a dramatic ceiling of starry lights or subtle mood lighting for a special celebration we have the perfect solution for you. We provide marquee lighting suitable for all events and occasions, with a team of our experts on-hand to set up and provide advice and recommendations when needed.

Marquee Walkways

Here at Coopers Marquees, our marquee walkways add romantic grandeur to any event and are perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, trade shows, conferences, and more. We have a wide selection of stylish covered walkways. Create a stylish place to greet your guests with a covered walkway.

Marquee Windows

To create a beautiful view with maximum light, we offer a range of marquee windows suitable for all marquee styles. We can hire marquees with walls of glass. You have the option of using our glazed panels instead of hard walls, or even soft window panels when you may wish to open up a section to the outside. For a truly unique and beautiful event setting, choose marquee windows from us.

Marquee Accessories

We offer a wide range of marquee accessories including ornaments and decorative architecture to enhance the décor of any event. Choose from grand statues or romantic table decorations to find the perfect accessories to suit your individual event.

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