Marquee Lighting

Marquee Lighting

Atmospheric lighting will set the mood for your event.

Lighting will create the atmosphere of your event and we are masters at getting it just right. Whether you want to create a spectacular gala event with pin spot lit tables, a dramatic ceiling of starry lights or subtle mood lighting for a special celebration we have the perfect solution for you.

Nothing else can have a greater impact on the look and feel of your Marquee set up than it’s lighting. Coopers Marquees selection of specialist lights will transform your Marquee adding colour to the roof to walls of the marquee to suite your theme.

To further enhance the stage area we can provide backdrops and uplighters to add atmosphere to any marquee. Stages can be as vibrant or as subtle as the client requires.

Ever thought about having a ceiling that makes your marquee look as if it’s a very starry sparkly night but perhaps don’t know anything about them?

They are called ‘starcloths’ and they come in a wide range of sizes and even some alternative colors. A star cloth is a piece of dark fabric, which has low voltage LED lights attached to the fabric material.

Starcloths have several uses, depending on size. Smaller cloths are most commonly used as a backdrop for an event. Large cloths are used to cover the dance area as either a ceiling drape or sometimes a backdrop too. When used as a backdrop the effect is spectacular, creating a starry sky over the disco or band area whilst offering a ‘wow factor’ sparkle.

As well as dance floor areas, different color star cloths can be used to add sparkle to dining or bar area. At Coopers Marquees, our  “star roof cloth” is available, however we can supply other types of starcloth covering options.

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